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    Nautical sports
    Initiate in nautical activities that coastal region offers you. The sail, the surfing, the sand yacht or the kitesurf will carry you to the rhythm of tides and of winds up to an experience rich in feelings.

    In calm waters or in white-waters, attract the experience of the canoe and let come, paddle at the hand, on clear waters of these rivers of character. That you choose a gentle or tumultuous descent, you will be able to use a sumptuous natural setting.
12 en Corrèze.
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Nautic sports in Argentat

Station Sport Nature Aventures Dordogne Nature.

Aventures Dordogne Nature 6 rue Douvisis 19400 Argentat (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 28 86 45  - Fax : 05 55 28 81 81

Nautic sports in Meyrignac-l'Église


Dominique Dorme L'ETANG 19800 Meyrignac-l'Église (Corrèze)
Phone : 06 81 85 83 27  - Mobile phone : 06 81 31 87 71
The Pond Meyrignac is an area of 17 hectares of water nestled in lush greenery, everything is kind, calm and beauty. You can swim, pedal boating, ping pong, volleyball, parts mini-golf and petanque or ...

Nautic sports in Treignac

Sport Nature Vézère

Station Sports Nature Vézère Monédières 1, place de la République 19260 Treignac (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 98 00 93  - Fax : 05 55 98 00 94
La station sports nature vous propose de nombreuses activités autour du canoë-kayak, quel que soit votre niveau : randonnée sur le lac des Bariousses, descente de la Vézère, descente gastrnome, ...

Nautic sports in Aubazines

Séjours nautiques jeunes familles groupes

Legros Jean-Baptiste lac du coiroux 19190 Aubazine 19190 Aubazines (Corrèze)
Phone : 06 20 57 58 47
Organizer of holidays and water sports activities in the Coiroux and Dordogne Valleys.
Activities include: Trips down the Dordogne in Canadian canoes; Rental of canoes and paddleboards; introduction ...
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