Le peuple de l'herbe + dj boons

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Le Peuple de l'Herbe + DJ Boons

the Thursday 3 May 2012 Fédération Hiero Limoges 87000 Limoges (Haute-Vienne) 8 rue Vochave
Phone : 05 55 10 00 84
Open website http://hierolimoges.com/ The sound of the people of the grass is identified in two measures, regardless of the kind to which the group tries. Rotation powerful and regular, syncopated millimétrés breaks, vintage sound and brass, samples taken from sources the most various, is combining with each other by transmitting a feeling of evidence - apparently simple formula, which the people is the sole custodian. But, with A Matter of Time, the Group sign her album more explicitly groove, borrowing without the funk and rock structures tension-resolutions cleverly trafficked: quiet collusion enthusiasm and rage, pop and wah wah, control and energy. And in the first part, history of melt the snow > DJ BOONS, the terror of crossfaders, the King of the hand control, the prince of the hamster twiddle cutting scribble laser pass/pass fonkyfonkyfresh.
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  • Hôtel Jeanne D'arc Limoges (400 kilometres from Paris) 17 Avenue Du Général De Gaulle 87000 Limoges from 66.00 Euros

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  • Campanile Limoges Nord 21 Allée Du Moulin Pinard 87100 Limoges from 53.00 Euros

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  • Hôtel Mercure Royal Limousin Place De La République Bp 280 87007 Limoges from 76.00 Euros

    Book at Hôtel Mercure Royal Limousin
  • Location vacances avec piscine près de Limoges au Hameau du Verdier Chemin du Verdier 87590 Saint Just le Martel 87590 Saint-Just-le-Martel

  • Auberge- hotel pont de Brignac 87400 Royères

  • Centre équestre des Seychas Les Seychas 87620 Séreilhac

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